About the Northern California Nash Car Club


The Northern California Region of the Nash Car Club was formed in August of 1973.


 The Formation

July 17, 1971

Bob SohI, the first Western Regional Director of the NCCA, hosted the first "Western Regional NCCA" picnic at Huddert Park, Woodside, CA. 20 people attended that meet. Those attending with their families were Rodney Brown, Jess Blaker, Dennis McAllister, Dalton Darby, Roger Graeber, Terry Ward, Gordon McGregor and Bob SohI.

Aug 12, 1972

Gordon and Carolyn McGregor attended the third National Meet in Kenosha, WI. Gordon indicated that he was interested in starting a region in Northern California.

Oct 15, 1972

Roger Graeber hosted the "Get Acquainted" picnic for California members of the NCCA at Los Passos Park in San Jose, CA. Those in attendance were Roger and Connie Graeber, Jim and Chris Petty, Bob and Linda SohI, Wayne and Betty Wenger and their friends Ray and Wilma Hren.

Oct 24, 1972

Gordon McGregor received a letter from Mike Larsen, Western Director NCCA, stating that he had appointed Roger Graeber the California representative and suggested that Gordon contact Roger in starting a "Bay Area Region".

Apr 29, 1973

Roger and Connie Graeber hosted the first western meet of 1973 in Hayward, CA. Eight NCCA members and their families attended this event. The six identified members included the Graeber's, McAllister, McGregor's, O'Rourke, Wenger's and Wroebel's.

Jun 12, 1973

Roger Graeber sent out a notice to Northern California NCCA members that Gordon McGregor would be hosting a meeting on June 23, 1973, at the Harrah's Swap meet to try to officially start a Northern California Region.

Jun 28, 1973

Gordon McGregor sent a letter to John Kerins', the NCCA National Secretary, informing him of the interest to start the formal organization of a chapter, with the seven signatures he got at the Harrah's swap meet. Those signing the request were Gordon McGregor #49, Roger Graeber #81, Clarence Head #689, Clarence Murphy #34, Wayne Wenger #362, Siegfried Wroebel #595 and Paul Atkins a new member.

Aug 25, 1973

Charter day Meet in San Francisco.